Consulting Solutions

Who is Eurotas?

Eurotas is a fast growing consulting company that specializes in giving a complete solution to all aspects of EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management Software) implementations and administration as well as on demand services to other EQMS systems.
Eurotas is an innovative and fast growing life science consultancy based on experts’ knowledge and experience and specializes in the following disciplines: Quality Management (QA), Technical Services, Validation, Compliance, Project Management and Quality Assurance activities.

What do we Offer?

Eurotas offers various ranges of services such as: setting up quality processes from beginning to go-live, administration and maintenance for existing systems, assistance with configuration modifications, training, managing workshops, reports creation and maintenance, web services, infrastructure services (IT assessments) and more.

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Who trusts us?

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Why choose us?

With extensive experience with EQMS systems, personal onsite interaction we are always here for you, whether by phone, email or in person to deliver our solutions with a personal touch. The main reason for our immediate availability is due to the fact that we are close to our customers, based in Europe and usually available on site.

Industries we serve

Eurotas is working with the pharmaceutical, medical devices, vertical and other industries that are always on the lookout for a better quality solution.

Following FDA and EMA regulations by our experts will ensure that your quality system is 100% qualified whether for the daily operations or internal and external audits.